It’s your choice

In store and online, you can let your customers tap into more of their spending power. SensePass supports over 100 Digital Wallets

For Retailers

Offer your customers a fun and innovative way to pay and more contactless options than ever before.

No staff training, no costly integrations, and no friction slowing people down once they decide to buy.

Better sales for your business? It just makes sense.

For Mobile POS

Are you tired of being tied down by bulky, expensive POS systems that limit your flexibility?

It’s time to break free with SensePass, the game-changing mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution designed for businesses like yours.

For In-Store

The retail world is changing, and so are your customers’ expectations. They want the same seamless payment experience online and in-store. That’s where SensePass comes in.

Our powerful platform seamlessly connects over 100 digital wallets and payment methods directly to your point-of-sale (POS) system, bridging the gap between online and offline payment options.

For Self-Checkout

Escape the limitations of traditional self-checkout and kiosks. SensePass is here to revolutionize your self-service experience.

We offer a seamless, inclusive, and cost-effective solution that breaks free from bulky hardware and restricted payment options.

For Call Centers

Transform your call center’s order-taking process with SensePass, the cutting-edge solution that streamlines payments, minimizes errors, and empowers customers with secure pay-by-link transactions directly from their phones.

Experience the future of convenience, choice, and enhanced data privacy while enjoying significant time savings and improved efficiency.

For Subscriptions

Tired of clunky, outdated subscription experiences holding your business back?

It’s time to break free with SensePass, the plugin that empowers your customers and skyrockets your recurring revenue.

How it works

Tap to Pay,
No Download,
No Hassle

The only thing your customers need is a smartphone to pay with any available wallet.

Increase Sales

Quicker Checkout

Lower Processing Fees

Many Touch Points,
One Payment Hub

SensePass feeds all digital payments into one centralized hub. Your customers can use our terminal, QR stickers, or omnichannel tools. You get a single view of all activity in your SensePass Dashboard (available on desktop and mobile for your convenience).

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