We are a team of intelligence technology unit alumni, FinTech and banking
veterans, and online executives who have combined their unique knowledge
and years of experience to build this unique,
unparalleled technology solution.

Our Team

Moty Arcuschin – CEO , Co-founder

Executive in the IT industry with vast experience
in large scale operations in global environments.
Gaming industry veteran with 12+ years experience.
An entrepreneur with proven success at multiple
tech companies.

Chen Cohen – COO , Co- founder

IAF Technology Unit Alumni as an Application
& Security Expert 15+ years experience in banking
technology and managing big operations
Entrepreneurship and innovation are in his soul.

Amir Klaus – UK Manager

15 years experience in business leadership,
and strategic and commercial sales.

Nir Alperovich – CTO , Co-founder

20 years programming / hacking experience
Mobile & security consultant to multiple banks
Owns a number of leading applications in the
aerospace world.
Technologist with the highest grace.