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  • 20% faster transactions
  • 30% lower processing fees
  • 50% lower hardware cost
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Transform your retail payment experience with SensePass

SensePass is A cutting-edge platform designed to integrate seamlessly with your point of sale. By allowing customers to tap their phones and pay directly from their bank accounts via open banking and ACH, SensePass not only simplifies transactions but also significantly reduces processing fees and fraud risk.

Our robust one-API solution supports over 100 payment methods, offering unparalleled flexibility and ease of adoption without any registration required.

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SensePass Integration Benefits
for Open Banking / ACH

Reduced Costs

Save 30% on annual processing fees and
eliminate setup fees.

Faster Transactions

Experience a 20% increase in transaction speed.

Enhanced Security

Reduce fraud risks with
open banking technology.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Offer convenient payment options and personalized promotions,
leading to a 25% increase in retention rates.

No hardware cost

Our NFC powerless tags eliminate the need for
traditional payment terminals, saving you up to 50%.

Seamless Integration

No downloads or staff training required!
Everything happens on the customer’s phone

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