Bank-grade security and cyber defense technology for secured
communication between any device or service and the real world

SensePass’s patent-pending technology allows for enterprise-class secure communication between
any mobile device and physical services using iBeacon or NFC technology. SensePass’s platform enables
secure communications over this unsecured channel by using multiple security layers.

The Challenge

Bluetooth and NFC technology were designed for short-range communications with little to no security in mind and was not initially intended for secure enterprise solutions. Once connecting a mobile device to a sensitive service we expose the service, the data which is transferred and the end-user to a wide range of potential attacks. Enterprises are looking for a secure solution that will enable them real-time detection, prevention, and monitoring.

Our Solution


SensePass SDK

The SensePass secure SDK is embedded into the bank’s mobile app, which is installed on the customer’s mobile device. It effectively transforms the mobile phone into a “banking passport” by assigning it a unique and secured ID for seamless access to the bank or local branch network. This enables customer engagement through proximity based digital banking services. It facilitates the data exchange with the bank network through a bank-grade encrypted Bluetooth BLE protocol to create a highly secure data channel that is immune to hacking attempts.


SensePass Sensor

SensePass Sensors are used to integrate banking devices (such as ATMs) and locations (such as bank branches) into the secured digital banking network. SensePass’s sensors are cost-efficient, easy to install and are equipped with bank-grade Bluetooth encryption to ensure a secure communication and data exchange between the customer’s device and any SensePass sensor-enabled device or environment. The sensors provide secure, seamless and instant access to the bank’s entire digital service catalog and prevent Spoofing or DDoS attacks. Sensors also maintain a “black list” preventing unlawful devices from connecting to it.


SensePass Management

The SensePass Management Console monitors the entire communications process between customers and SensePass-connected network devices, detecting any anomalies and preventing Man-in-the-Middle attacks. Additionally, our platform provides a complete SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) that allows the organization to detect any attempted security breaches in real-time and instantly apply preventive measures.

Platform Capabilities

Location &

Notifications &
App Triggers


Secure Data

Device to Device


SensePass’s platform includes a full SIEM system which allows preventive monitoring for any attacks
and suspicious activity. The system combines analysis of both single sensor activity as well as overall
network activity and attack patterns. SensePass’s SIEM allows blacklisting of device MAC addresses as
well as creating specific scripts to deal with different attack vectors.

Beyond our patent pending cyber technology, SensePass’s platform includes 25 different tools and
layers of security to deal with all existing types of information tampering.


Tokens collected are meaningless to 3rd party attackers

Tokens created by illegal entities are blocked at the source

Fake tokens are rejected with no reply

The system rejects attempts to copy & reuse valid tokens

The system blocks both local and remote man-in-the-middle attacks

Enterprise Solution

  • Highest level of security
  • Omni-channel solution
  • Remote management & control
  • Monitoring tools
  • Flexible deployment for many use cases
  • Full integration for existing services & internal systems
  • Standard HW and protocols for manufacturer independence