Connect devices based on proximity – Banker Terminal / Tablet / Mobile
Use devices without login / password
Send documents between devices
Sign documents on tablet or phone
Photograph documents and ID via phone
Send copies to customer phone with no encryption or password

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One of the more impactful benefits of SensePass enabled banking apps
is the move to a paperless banking environment. Customers can now
sign bank documents digitally through their connected mobile device
and receive and send documents from their phone.

For banks it provides the opportunity to improve their environmental
footprint and brand perception by transitioning to a greener, paperless
and compliant user experience with improved customer satisfaction and
reduced operational cost.

In addition to customer centric services, banks also benefit from a smart
access control solution for their employees. Upon entering the bank
premises employees are instantly identified and are automatically granted
access to systems and areas based on their individual permission
profile that is linked to their mobile device.

Business Benefits.
Growth Opportunities.

  • More banking, less resources
  • Accelerate customer experience from door to door
  • Better service with less employees
  • Green & “Green” – Eliminate paper / filing / scanning & shredding
  • Reduce branch size
  • Personalized customer engagement
  • Increase security & eliminate banker ID cards
  • Transform the bank experience –“Apple Store” / “Starbucks” Bank