No card or PIN required
Transaction occurs on phone
Send cash to non-bank customers
Choose denomination
Withdraw large sums
Paperless transaction
Send messaging from ATM
ATM heat map

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With SensePass banks can now introduce secure, card & PIN-free ATM withdrawals, cash deposits and any other enabled ATM service. This transforms ATM transactions into a more secure and user friendly experience. The entire transaction happens on the customer’s phone; the customer enters their cash withdrawal request remotely via the bank’s mobile app and can even choose their preferred denomination. Once the customer physically arrives at the bank’s ATM, it will automatically identify the customer and their proximity, greet them personally and then activate the cash out process after the customer taps the phone on the ATM. No card or PIN needed. The same applies to all the other ATM enabled services that are now accessible to every connected customer.

An additional advantage for banks is that cash withdrawals are now direct debit transactions on the client’s bank account, allowing banks to increase the cash out limits in accordance with each customer’s account balance and credit rating. This reduces the need for teller services as customers can now withdraw 10x higher amounts via the ATM.

Apart from offering a more user friendly experience banks also benefit from better overall security and fraud prevention as an all-digital cash out process doesn’t require a physical card and manual entry of the PIN, which both constitute a weakness in the prevention of unauthorized and fraudulent cash withdrawals.

Lastly, this paperless transaction contributes to a greener banking experience.


    • Improved customer experience
    • Shorter ATM waiting lines
    • Easy and cost-efficient implementation
    • Reduced ATM maintenance & operational cost
    • Greener footprint
    • Expand bank app install base (for receiving cash)
    • Close teller stations in branches (high sum withdrawal)
    • Supports any mobile device