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Enable secure person to person transactions without sharing ID
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One of the more impactful benefits of SensePass enabled banking apps is the move to a paperless banking environment. Customers can now sign bank documents digitally through their connected mobile device and receive and send documents from their phone.

For banks it provides the opportunity to improve their environmental footprint and brand perception by transitioning to a greener, paperless and compliant user experience with improved customer satisfaction and reduced operational cost.

In addition to customer centric services, banks also benefit from a smart access control solution for their employees. Upon entering the bank premises employees are instantly identified and are automatically granted access to systems and areas based on their individual permission profile that is linked to their mobile device.

An additional advantage for banks is that cash withdrawals are now direct debit transactions on the client’s bank account, allowing banks to increase the cash out limits in accordance with each customer’s account balance and credit rating. This reduces the need for teller services as customers can now withdraw 10x higher amounts via the ATM.

Apart from offering a more user friendly experience banks also benefit from better overall security and fraud prevention as an all-digital cash out process doesn’t require a physical card and manual entry of the PIN, which both constitute a weakness in the prevention of unauthorized and fraudulent cash withdrawals.

Lastly, this paperless transaction contributes to a greener banking experience.


    • Quickly find the people ne+ar you without going through the contact list
    • One time instant connection to people not in your contact list
    • Ability to instantly exchange cash without sharing identity (“snapchat”)