Customer’s & banker mobile device used as ID in branch
Create reactive scripts based on location & ID
Connect tablets & phone to core banking system – mobile terminals
Banking anywhere within the branch

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Customers entering a bank branch are automatically identified via the banking app turning the customer’s phone into a secure ID. This gives banks the opportunity to immediately engage their customers with innovative and personalized banking services. Customers can now enjoy and benefit from a digital and self-service banking environment or receive personalized services.

For example, the customer selects via the banking app which of the in-branch services they require and upon entering the bank premises they are greeted via their banking app, matched with the relevant banker and automatically assigned a number to wait in line. Bank personnel are able to receive instant notifications about their customers entering the branch and can offer them a warm and personalized welcome.

Every available in-branch service is now seamlessly accessible to the customer ensuring a more streamlined and faster user experience.

Based on each customer profile banks can also push highly personalized offers and products to their customers’ phones and upon interest engage them face to face to answer more detailed questions. The main outcome is the bank can accomplish more banking with less resources while maintaining highest levels of customer satisfaction.


    • More banking, less resources
    • Accelerate customer experience from door to door
    • Better service with less employees
    • Green & “Green” – Eliminate paper / filing / scanning & shredding
    • Reduce branch size
    • Personalized customer engagement
    • Increase security & eliminate banker ID cards
    • Transform the bank experience – “Apple Store” / “Starbucks” Bank